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Mom and Pop!

Matthew 15:4 “For God commanded, ‘Honor your father and your mother,’ and,‘Whoever reviles father or mother must surely die.’” If you are blessed enough to have one or both of your parents or guardians still living, be sure to honor their life through your adoration and attention.  If you have lost your parents; are estranged from them or have never known them, it is still worth the effort to give God praise and thanks for their existence.  Even if as a baby you were abandoned and left on the church front steps, it is easy to find a reason to rejoice.  Some children were destined to abortion clinics and abuses that terminated their young lives before they ever took a gasping breath in the delivery room. Others fell victim to neglect and shamefully were dismissed from this earthly realm with very little fanfare or remembrance. For whatever reason, your mom decided you were worth the nine months of weight gain, swollen limbs, aching muscles and joints, uncontrollable emotions and clothing that never quite fit right.  You were valuable enough to her to endure the pains and uncertainty of hours of labor and the pressure and pain of delivery.  If you were fortunate enough to have both parents in a loving home cherish the blessing that is surely yours.  Let’s take a moment today to honor our mothers and fathers.  If they are just a phone call or a short commute away…get in touch with them and remind them of how much you appreciate them just for the fact that you are here and alive.  If they have passed away honor their memory by doing a random act of kindness to another elder who might be all alone.  Remember Mom and Pop and watch your days fill with adoration and love.  Be blessed!  Dr. JoAnn

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