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Manufacturer Use Only

Psalm 51:9    Create in me a clean heart, O God,  and put a new and right spirit within me.”

Whether it was a computer unit, high-end technical instrument or simple MP3 player, we have all owned or seen a piece of technology that had inscribed on the back - “Do Not Open – No Consumer Parts Inside”.  In essence the warning was telling us to not tamper with the merchandise and that if anything went wrong there were not parts that could be replaced by the consumer.  Only the manufacturer could handle any of the workings on the inside.  Well this is true with us also.  In a recent conversation with my pastor we discussed how we often see areas in our lives that need fixing and we strive to make the changes ourselves.  She reminded me of my own tendency to try to fix the ailments when in all honesty I had to re-evaluate and note that there are some things (and usually it is most things) that need mending or repair could only be addressed by the manufacturer, our creator God.  Even simple things like being kinder or less judgmental or more patient all require a rewiring by the God who knows us better on the inside than we think we know ourselves on the outside.  We may be able to make temporary fixes on some physical and emotional traits but to make lasting changes only God has the keys to unlock the old and instate the new.  Let me encourage you today to not worry about what is wrong or how it can be fixed, simply take your concerns to God in prayer.  Just like the high-tech equipment, don’t be surprised if God has to turn your life over or upside down in order to get to the area of need.  It might mean shutting you down for a while or even taking you out of the environment where the problems may exist; but rest assured you may be displaced or a little topsy-turvy, but you are never out of the Master’s hand. Be blessed. Dr. JoAnn

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