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Godly Obedience - Be Exact

In continuing our look at characteristics of Godly obedience, today we highlight trait #2 -which is to be "exact" in following the commands of God. Just look at the works of the Earth's design and the mathematical precision of the heavens; it is evident that our God operates through a system of creative order.  He does not throw things to chance but utilizes "Divine Order" in creating and appointing. Read the story of Achan in Joshua 7 and see why precision and exactness in following God's desires is crucial for those who love him and aim to please him. The children of Israel were given specific instructions of how to handle the spoils of war and one man's decision to "do it his way" caused the death and destruction of thousands. We are all a part of the building of God's kingdom and the action of one effects the lives of others.  When God tells us how to do something, where to do something and when to do something it is for a specific reason and he expects and requires that we be obedient and trust him.  Don't worry if it seems strange to your carnal intuitions or perplexing to those around you. When God told Joshua to have the people walk around the city of Jericho he didn't say ..."do it until you get tired"... he gave specific instructions.  And if you listen to God carefully he will guide you also.  Do it the right way! Be blessed! Dr. JoAnn

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